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Welcome to ElecroSound (50lux)

Hi, I’m Andrew.

This site was originally set-up when I taught photography between 2000 to 2015. However, it has been sitting languishing unloved for the past few years so I have decided to repurpose it for my business repairing and restoring radio’s, radiograms (record-player-radio’s), tape-recorders, cassette-decks, amplifiers, tuners, turntables, etc.

50 lux is a standard level of light used in Museums and Galleries. It is a compromise between a human being able to see the object clearly, and the level of light, mainly UV, that will damage the object on display.

The site will showcase some of the repairs, restorations, and failures.

To navigate all the radio models go to the manufacturer page and select the model from the gallery of images.



I can undertake repairs and restorations to your valued equipment.

If you would like a quote click here.

I undertake the work in Melbourne. So please factor that in before completing the form. Postage and freight has become very expensive recently as freight companies have sought to offset the cost of renting shipping containers and the ships themselves that are in short supply. It sadly may not be worth the cost to repair/restore less valuable equipment and you may consider one of our already restored items, or find a local seller in your price range.

Furthermore, for items such as older transistor based equipment parts may need to be ordered from overseas. I have had to wait over six months for things to arrive so be very patient.

Healing "Golden Voice" R401E

Latest news


Onward and upward.

We are well and truely past the stage of lockdowns in Melbourne, and life is returning to normal. We even have a HRSA meeting this coming Saturday. Of course the COVID threat has not deminished, and as we approach winter Flu is a double wammy threat. Meanwhile on the radio front, the YouTube...

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1 December 2021

Well it's December and I'm wondering just where the year has disappeared to. It seems while you are locked down and can't do much you completely "waist" time, and when things return to normal you have so much to do that it won't fit in. I'm still looking for a place to live and have a proper...

1 November 2021

We are back up and running with public access. However, we have moved permanently from the rented workshop and are operating out of home until we can find a house with a suitable area. This is not easy given the housing situation in Melbourne, and worse in Ballarat. The situation means we cannot...

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